Feelgood Friday Fun

We have something different today which we hope you will all find some light hearted fun while also testing your research skills or for those with a magnificent memory they may know the answers anyway.

Spot The Ball

With grateful thanks to club photographer Dan Minto we are going to give spot the ball a try out. Dan has provided us with a photo taken during one of our games and all you have to is quite simply “spot the ball”

The picture is below. To enter just tell us the square you think the  ball is in and you can be a winner. If there are multiple answers then we will select a winner at random. Answers should be sent via email to cqrfcsocialmedia@gmail.com or via Direct Message on the Facebook or Twitter pages.

Name the Year and the Players

This second event will test your knowledge if you’re an avid Quins follower.

We would like you to name the years that a try became

a) 4 points

b) 5 points

c) 6 points (This was of course an experimental law and was never implemented fully)

Then once you have the year who was the first ever Quins player to score a 4 point try, a 5 point try and a 6 point try.

Again answers should be sent to cqrfcsocialmedia@gmail.com or via Direct Message on Twitter or Facebook. Any answers posted publicly will be deleted and not counted. In the event of multiple answers then a winner will be selected at random.

The prize for each separate competition will be a free pint in the clubhouse when the club re-opens. Good luck to all who enter. Entries close at 2pm Sunday 21st March.

As we are on the eve of one of the biggest games of the year with Wales of course going for the Grand Slam tomorrow evening we would like to wish the whole squad and management the very best of luck particularly those who have donned the famous Cardinal, Amber and Black of the Quins.

It is a shame that the club cannot be open for “Super Saturday” tomorrow but rest assured when everything gets back to normal we will host our very own version of “Super Saturday” following a game in the park. As always please remain patient and follow the relevant guidelines and we will see you all sooner rather than later.