Anyone who plays rugby or any team sport feels some pride in seeing themselves in a photograph of the team they play for being displayed at their club or team headquarters. When a collection of photographs is lost through any kind of unexpected mishap then these photographs can be lost forever. That has spurred us on at the Quins to record all our photographs on memory discs so that if necessary (and we hope that does not happen), they can all be reproduced and re-framed for display.

We have also made a determined effort to continually improve our collection by searching through past newspaper reports on microfilm at the local library and copying any photographs handed in to us by anyone who has in their possession an old Quins team photograph. For the last four seasons, we have included a number of past team photographs in our match day programme and this has prompted a number of ex-players and committee members to search through their albums at home for any photographs that still elude us.

From a starting point of some 40 first team photographs some seven years ago, we now have in excess of 130 first team photographs on display at the club. We have also continued to improve our collection of Seconds and Youth team photographs.

We are delighted that all these photographs can now be displayed on our club’s web site. We are very fortunate to have had a great deal of assistance from the staff at the local library, staff at the National Library of Wales at Aberystwyth and the current and past editors of the Carmarthen Times/Journal.

The following photographers have also given their kind permission for us to display team photographs taken by them:-

Mr Ralph Carpenter

Mr Ken Davies

Mr Andy Nickless

Mr Garry Smith

Mr Martin Walters

Mr Mike Walters

Mr Ian Williams

Mr Hugh Thomas

Mr Colin Lewis

Mr John Roberts

Mr Dan Minto

We are also grateful to the many supporters who have come forward over the last few years to hand in past team photographs. There are still several seasons where we do not have team photographs be they first, Seconds or Youth XV’s and we would be glad to hear from anyone who has a photograph which may be missing from our collection so that we can copy and frame it for display at the clubhouse and on our web site.

Please click on the links below to access the archive gallery of photos available for each of the Carmarthen Quins RFC Teams

1st XV

2nd XV


Miscellaneous Photos

Anyone wishing to share or donate a photograph please contact Percy Jones on 01267 231977 or email: