Feelgood Friday Fun – Answers

We didn’t have any correct answers in either of our Feelgood Friday competitions last week! We thought we had better share the answers with you though.

Spot The Ball

Below is the original picture with the grid and then with grid removed and the ball in sight:

Thank you once again to Dan for the pictures and with this weeks news Dan we can’t wait to see you on the park again soon.

Name the Year and Players

We asked you to name the year the amount of points a try was worth changed and who was the first Quins scorer of the new points. On the face of it this sounds like a really difficult task, but if you remember we said that if you researched it you could find the answers (simple when you know though!). So if you had googled the year that a try became 4 points, 5 points and six points you would have been half way there.

Then all you have to do is look on our website under fixtures for the first game for those years and thanks to record keeping of Keith “Burton” Thomas, Alan Bowen, Percy Jones and Steff Thomas you would have had the answers! So, here are the answers

4 Points – 1971 – Howard Isles scored the first 4 point try in a friendly on 4th September 1971 away to Lampeter RFC where the Quins narrowly lost 12-11.

5 Points – 1992 – Julian Howells scored the first 5 point try on 5th September 1992 in a Heineken League Division 4 match home to Cardigan RFC with the Quins running out winners 23 – 11.

6 Points – 2015 – Josh Middleton scored the first 6 point try that was being trialled as part of a new quite of rules that season. As we know this has not been implemented fully. The try was scored in a 28-24 defeat at home to Bedwas RFC on 5th September 2015. Looking back on this game it also featured two current welsh internationals Ryan Elias and Kieran Hardy.

The website is filled with fixture information including scores and scorers and can always conjure up the memories (whether they be good or bad depending on the result) and the Max Boyce Mantra of I Was There!!