Welsh Blood Service

As we know there is a big game happening  this week up the M4 at Twickenham where we will all be supporting Wales wholeheartedly but did you know there is another way to you can support Wales? That is by giving blood.

All at the club are backing the Welsh Blood Service’s latest campaign to get more donors signed up and existing donors to return.

Blood donations in January  were enough to help 21,000 patients in Wales

When is your next blood donation?

More than 800  appointments have been added for Carmarthenshire  in  March & April

Take a minute to see when we are next in your area and book to give blood @   https://wbs.wales/CarmarthenQuins


If you are O- , please make every effort to attend


Roedd rhoddion gwaed ym mis Ionawr yn ddigon i helpu hyd at 21,000 o gleifion ar draws Cymru

Pryd ydych chi i fod i roi eich rhodd nesaf o waed?

Mae mwy na 800  o apwyntiadau wedi cael eu hychwanegu ar gyfer Sir Gâr  ym mis  Mawrth & Ebril

Cymrud munud i weld pan fyddwn ni yn eich ardal nesaf a bwcio i rhoi gwaed @ https://wbs.wales/CarmarthenQuins


Os ydych chi’n O- , dylech wneud pob ymdrech i fynchu.