Chairman’s Update/150 Club Results

Hello everyone, I hope you’re all well and looking forward to getting back to some kind of normality? It’s been a long time since I’ve had anything positive to say but today, I do have some good news.
Those of you who are “150 club” members you’d have been used to having the monthly prize draw results posted on the clubs notice board but since lockdown, we’ve been unable to do it until NOW.
Today I can announce, that normal service has been resumed with a super draw that took place amongst our brilliant Junior section, during a training session on Friday night. The sun was shining and everyone was enjoying getting outside and back on the playing fields.
So myself, Brian Jones, Graeme Bond (150 account manager) and Neil Evans U11’s coach met up to do a picture draw of the 150 club. The pictures and the names of the lucky winners, can be found under this address.
Congratulations to all those lucky members and a big thank you, to all of our fantastic supporters for sticking with the club, through what has been a very challenging time. Without you we wouldn’t survive.
Staying with the 150 club (details of how to join and details of the monthly prizes can be found below) I’d like to let you know of our next big investment, all of which are funded by your generous support. So the plan is to replace the windows in the clubhouse. The windows are in a sorry state, so it’s an important investment to keep the integrity of the clubhouse in good condition. This is the latest in a long line of important investments funded through the 150 club members, so thank you one and all.
If you do know of anyone who’d be interested in joining, please point them towards our website, where they will find details of how to join.
Stay safe and roll on the Lions Tour 😀
Jeff Davies – Chairman
January 2021
£150 – No      18  –    Mr I R Stone

 £100 – No    118 –     Mr T A Jones
£75 –   No      88  –    Mr D Thomas
 £50 –   No      79  –    Mr R J Rossiter
 £25 –   No      23  –    Mr C Clarke
Chairman Jeff Davies draws out the first number for January’s draw.
February 2021
£150 –  No     57 –      Mr N Goldsmith
£100 –  No     18 –      Mr I R Stone
£75 –    No     89 –      Mr S W Thomas
£50 –    No       9 –      Mr P B Bowen – Thomas
£25 –    No     25 –      Mrs G Lloyd – Davies
Brian Jones draws the first prize for February’s draw.
March 2021
£150 –  No     60 –      Mr E Jenkins
£100 –  No     32 –      Mr R C Brook
£75 –    No     44 –      Mr T G Bond
£50 –    No     71 –      Mr D B Jones
£25 –    No   128 –      Mr H W Jones
Graeme Bond draws the first prize for March’s draw
April 2021
£150 –   No    57 –      Mr N Goldsmith
£100 –   No    26 –      Mr C R Dennis
£75 –     No    21 –      Mr D Harries
£50 –     No  127 –      Mr W I Phillips
£25 –     No      8 –      Mr H I Jones
Neil Evans draws the first number for April’s draw.
To find out more on how to join please click on the link