A Mighty Quin Turns 70

The Club would like to wish a former player, stalwart member and all round Mighty Quin Roger “Bach” Evans a very happy 70th Birthday,

Roger or sometimes known as Magri is one of only a few players who have played over 300 games for the club. Between 1971 to 1987 Roger amassed 336 appearances for the 1st XV and was Captain of the 1981/1982 team having previously captained the seconds in 1975/1976 and 1976/1977.

Roger was a terrier on the field playing at full back and gave 100% week in week out for the club. What Roger will tell you as advice for any budding rugby players is you should never ever let a high ball bounce which Roger never did and always caught them and let his team mates know he would by shouting as loud as possible “MY BALL!!!!”

Slight of stature Roger has a heart as big as a lion and it never mattered who he was up against they would always have trouble bringing hm down or getting near him.

Roger is still found watching the first XV these days in a small group of avid Quins followers in the vicarage corner of the park in all weathers and no matter who the opposition.

Roger, a very happy 70th Birthday to you on Sunday 19th February we hope that Bev, Adrian, Sarah, Laura, Lisa and the rest of the family spoil you rotten. Just remember  not too much Old Speckled Hen!!

Here is Roger receiving his 300+ appearance tie.

Picture Courtesy of Hugh Thomas.