Quins Reports post-war rugby revival 1919


Football Revival at Carmarthen

The Carmarthen Harlequins, affiliated to the Welsh Football Union, will be re-opened at the beginning of next season. Mr. T. H. Jenkins, Rosedale, Parcmaen Street, is busy with the fixture list which is almost complete. A general meeting of all interested in football will be held at the Y.M.C.A. this (Friday) evening at 8 p.m.



At the same meeting of the Council, an application was received from the Secretary of the Harlequins Football Club asking for the use of the Park for the season. He said that their home matches were Held on Saturday afternoon and that it would not be necessary to close the Park for more than two hours on such occasions.

The Clerk, in answer to a question, stated that the Training College used to pay £5 and a member pointed out that that was a pre-war charge!

Mr. T. Davies said that the question arose whether the Club could charge for admission to the matches.

The Clerk: If they are charged a rental, there is no reason why they should not charge for admission.

Mr. D. J. Davies said that the Council had only the right to close the Park for 20 days a year.

Mr. Martin: Do you consider it a day if they close for two hours?

Mr. John Lewis: We get very little money for the Park and the rates are going up.

Mr. Martin suggested £10 a season.

Mr. John Lewis – Wouldn’t you put it up at £2 10s a day? (laughter). What would be the takings?

Mr. David Williams  – It would be a good match that would have a gate of £3 10s to £6

Mr. Dunn Williams  – That is exorbitant, they will take a field elsewhere.

Mr. Oliver Jones – I will second Mr Martin that it be £10.

Mr. David Williams  – Why the difference between the Town and College Clubs?

Mr. D. J. Davies – Because the College could not close.

Mr. David Williams: They closed for certain matches.

Mr. D. J. Davies said that he considered £10 exorbitant – he suggested £8.

It was eventually agreed to charge £10.


The Carmarthen Harlequins will re-open their season September next, having been disbanded since 1914. The fixtures list which is almost complete, is an excellent one, and all seems to point to the season being a successful one. A general meeting of all interested in football and in the above club will be held at the Y.M.C.A. on Friday, 2nd inst., at 8pm.



The annual meeting of the Harlequins’ Football Club was held at the Y.M.C.A. on Friday last, when Mr. E. G. Evans presided. The following were elected on the Committee:- Messrs J.O. Morgan, John Lewis, D. Rees, A. A. Baskerville. E. G. Evans, D. H. Davies, Edwin Davies, J. W. Johns, W. Evans, Llewellyn Arthur and D. Johns. The treasurer (Mr. J. Stanley Isaac) and the secretary (Mr. T. H. Jenkins, Rosedale, Parcmaen) were unanimously re-elected. Mr. H. C. Bond was unanimously elected president. An excellent fixture list has been arranged and will be published shortly. It was decided to accept the Council’s offer of the Park as playing ground, and it was also resolved to fix the annual membership fee (which includes season ticket) at 6 shillings. – bona-fide schoolboy’s season ticket 3 shillings. The election of captain was deferred in order to enable intending players to register. All intending players should communicate with the Secretary as soon as possible.