Prseidents Mr A.F. Laloe

Mr. A. F. Laloe

Club President 1875/76

The late Mr Neil Davies, who was the president of the Carmarthen Queen Elizabeth Grammar School Old Maridunians Association, published a booklet a few years ago on the rugby history of QEG school. He states in his booklet that Mr A. F. Laloe, who is thought to have introduced the game of rugby to Carmarthen, moved from his post as master in Cowbridge Grammar School to take up the post of headmaster at the Queen Elizabeth Grammar School in Carmarthen in 1874. He added that Mr Laloe also became the first president of the Carmarthen Wanderers Football Club. I am assuming that Mr Davies obtained this information from historical information held at the school. I have therefore given the date of 1875/76 (being the club’s first full season) as the year he first became the club’s president, although further research may indicate it could have been somewhat later.