“A STEP BACK IN TIME” 1907/08 Thursday’s XV v Trinity College


(By Percy Jones)

 SEASON 1907 / 08



(The Welshman 21st February 1908)


Thursday 13th February 1908

On Thursday 13th inst. The two rival teams of Carmarthen, viz. Carmarthen Thursdays and the Carmarthen Training College, met on the Morgan’s Arms field. The homesters won the toss and elected to play with the wind. Taylor kicked off and Lewis the full back receiving, returned the ball into touch. After a lot of loose play one of the College forwards took a mark from which a fine penalty goal was dropped by Shadlow. W. Treharne kicked off and the ball was fumbled and went into touch.

After a splendid bit of passing, the College wing went on his own, but he was collared by W. Thomas within ten yards of the line. From a throw out of touch, the ball went out to J .O. Morgan who was tackled rather roughly with the result that he was hurt on the head. A scrum was ordered and Morris the visitor’s inside half put in a high kick and W. Thomas receiving planted the leather in touch on the visitor’s goal line.

The ball was passed out to W. Treharne who tried a “drop” under the goal posts but through the visitor’s crowding round him he failed. Soon after half time was called, leaving the visitor’s leading by one penalty goal (3 points).

Richards kicked off for the College. The ball went to Rees Jones who passed to Owen. He in turn passed to his brother who after running a short distance was tackled. The ball was given out to J. O. Morgan who passed to Treharne. The latter made a fine run down the field and was only grassed on the line. From a scrummage, the ball got kicked over the College line and was minored.

Lewis kicked out and J. O. Morgan took possession of the ball and with a fine kick found touch on the visitor’s goal line. The College had a scrum from which the ball was handed out on the blind side and S. Thomas funked to bring his man down. Taken up field again by Thomas, C. Davies was following up when he was deliberately fouled by W. Thomas. A scrum was ordered on the 25 line.

The ball was given out to G. Owen who made a tremendous swerve and dashed down to the visitors’ 25 line where he was tackled. Taylor and Lewis who were following immediately behind took the ball at their feet and almost scored. A scrum was formed and the ball was kicked into touch in the homesters’ 25.

The Thursdays took a scrum from which one of the visitors cleared away and scored a try by falling over the homesters’ custodian. Sharlow tried to add the extra points but failed in the attempt. W. Thomas took the kick out and soon after Morris took possession but he was collared very roughly by J. O. Morgan. Full time was called with the score standing at Carmarthen Training College 1 penalty goal, 1 try (6 points); Carmarthen Thursdays nil.

The referee Mr Harry Lewis was very fair and gave satisfaction to both sides.

Walter Jones the captain of the College team was unable to play through indisposition and there was no doubt that his absence was very much felt by that team. He is a very fine and clean player.

One thing noticeable on the College side was that every time they had touch they preferred to call a scrum which undoubtedly tried the strength of the opposing team who were literally fagged out at the end of the game.

Treharne played capitally and but for a kick he received during the earlier portion of the game he would certainly have gone over the line when he made that brilliant run. Taylor as usual played a hard game.

The homesters no doubt miss Gower their old wing who has gone to Lampeter College. W. Thomas played fairly well but he could have done better. A. Davies for the homesters was unable to play through illness and his place on Thursday was filled by J. T. Davies.

The teams lined up as follows:-

Carmarthen Thursdays:

Full back, W. Thomas; three-quarter backs, G. Owen and his brother, W. Treharne, S. Thomas; halves, J. T .Davies, D. Edwards; forwards, F. Taylor (capt), J. O. Morgan, W. H. Lewis, S. Lewis, Rees Jones, W. Lewis, Johns and Phillips.

Carmarthen Training College:

Full-back, E. R. R. Lewis; three-quarters, Heron, Shardlow, L. Thomas, Griffiths; halves, Morris and B. Richards; forwards, C. Davies, E. Davies, Brook, Harries, Hopkins, D. Griffiths, J. Rees and A. W. Evans.