All Time Players (T)

 NAME POSITION/S SEASONS PLAYED ACHIEVEMENTS TAYLOR, ERNIE FLANKER 1931-38   TAYLOR, FRANK FORWARDS 1892-08 Thursdays XV  captain 1907/08 TAYLOR, GIDEON THREE QUARTER 1945-50 Also played for the Thursdays XV TAYLOR, ROBERT CENTRE/OUTSIDE HALF 1971-78   TERRY, BOB LEFT WING/SECOND ROW 1983-87   THIEL, JOHN PROP FORWARD 2004/05 Canadian Internatiuonal THOMAS, HALF BACK 1892/93   THOMAS, ALEC RIGHT WING 2006/07   THOMAS, ALED INSIDE HALF 2004/05   THOMAS, ALED OUTSIDE HALF 2003-14   THOMAS, ALWYN FLANKER 1991-93   THOMAS, ANDREW INSIDE HALF 1997/98   THOMAS, ANDREW FLANKER 2003-13 Barbarians 2011/12 THOMAS, ANTHONY PROP FORWARD 1969/70   THOMAS, ARWEL OUTSIDE HALF 2005/06 S’sea/Wales (23 caps) /Harlequins/Neath THOMAS, BARRIE OUTSIDE HALF/LEFT WING 1993-2003   THOMAS, BARRIE (Aber) CENTRE 2006/07   THOMAS, B. F. N/K 1923/24   THOMAS, BRYN INSIDE HALF 1999/2000   THOMAS, BRYN THREE QUARTER 1928/29   THOMAS, C. FORWARDS 1910/11   THOMAS, CARWYN CENTRE 2010/11   THOMAS, CELT FLANKER 2002-05   THOMAS, CHRIS FLANKER 1985-89   THOMAS, CRAIG SECOND ROW 1992-94   THOMAS, DAVID (3, Towy View) THREE QUARTER 1892-1908   THOMAS, DAVID (Thursdays) N/K 1938/39   THOMAS, DAVID B (Butch) PROP FORWARD 1957-67   THOMAS, DAVID (Tumble) FLANKER 1965-72   THOMAS, DAVID (Twt) SCRUM HALF 1977-80   THOMAS, DICK FORWARDS 1901-05   THOMAS, DION  LEFT WING 2004/05   THOMAS, D. R. THREE QUARTER 1913/14   THOMAS, D. T. N/K 1934/35   THOMAS, DELME  SECOND ROW 1965/66  Llanelli/Wales/British & Irish Lions THOMAS, DEWI CENTRE/RIGHT WING 1972-79   THOMAS, D. H. R. N/K 1892-96   THOMAS, EVAN FORWARDS 1911-15   THOMAS, EVAN (Bobby Cwt) RIGHT WING 1946-51   THOMAS, EWAN FLANKER 1948-51   THOMAS, FREDDIE (Thursdays) N/K 1937-49 Also played for the Thursdays XV THOMAS, G. N/K 1936/37   THOMAS, GARETH PROP FORWARD 2011-14   THOMAS, GARETH CENTRE/LEFT WING 1998-2000   THOMAS, GAVIN RIGHT WING 2013-   THOMAS, GERWYN CENTRE 1947-56   THOMAS, GILES OUTSIDE HALF 1996-2007   THOMAS, GLYN HOOKER 1948-50 Also played for Llanelli/Newport/London Welsh THOMAS, GRAHAM (Laugharne) LEFT WING/CENTRE 1960-67   THOMAS, GRAHAM (Pendine) LEFT WING 1957/58   THOMAS, GWYN  PROP FORWARD 1945-53   THOMAS, H. tHREE QUARTER 1912-14   THOMAS, HAROLD CENTRE 1936-38   THOMAS, HARRY FORWARD 1921-35   THOMAS, HOWARD FULL BACK 2013-   THOMAS, HUGH FLANKER 1965/66   THOMAS, I. K. N/K 1924-28   THOMAS, J. N/K 1882-85   THOMAS, JASON FORWARDS 1892-1901   THOMAS, JAMES HOOKER 1996-2002   THOMAS, JAMES RIGHT WING 1986/87   THOMAS, JOHN FLANKER 1974-76   THOMAS, J. S. N/K 1886/87   THOMAS, KEITH FULL BACK 1958-63   THOMAS, KEN N/K 1946-49   THOMAS, KEN RIGHT WING 1950-53   THOMAS, KEVIN PROP FORWARD 1998/99   THOMAS, KERI FLANKER 1976/77   THOMAS, L.  THREE QUARTER 1895-1905 Also played for the Thursdays XV THOMAS, LEN LEFT WING 1955-59   THOMAS, LEWIS N/K 1926/27   THOMAS, LLEIFOR CENTRE/OUTSIDE HALF 1970-73   THOMAS, LLEWELLYN THREE QUARTER 1927-29   THOMAS, LYNDON LEFT WING 2002/03   THOMAS, MALCOLM RIGHT WING/CENTRE 1971-76   THOMAS, MARK SECOND ROW 1985/86   THOMAS, MARK INSIDE HALF 1998-2003   THOMAS, MATHEW INSIDE HALF 2001/02   THOMAS, MIKE (Butch) PROP FORWARD 1957-59   THOMAS, MIKE PROP FORWARD/S. ROW 1969-71   THOMAS, MORLAIS CENTRE 1948/49   THOMAS, MYRDDIN THREE QUARTER 1920/21   THOMAS, NEVILLE FLANKER 1959/60   THOMAS, NOEL RIGHT WING 1955-57   THOMAS, O. FORWARDS 1895/96   THOMAS, P. FORWARDS 1905/06 Also played for the Thursdays XV THOMAS, PAUL CENTRE 1981-84   THOMAS, PHILLIP (Abdul) PROP FORWARD 1969-72   THOMAS, PHILLIP  FULL BACK 1988/89   THOMAS, ROWLEY. L. (Dr) N/K 1890-1896 7 Welsh Caps from 1888-92 THOMAS, RHODRI D. CENTRE 1997-99   THOMAS, RHYS RIGHT WING 2011-   THOMAS, RICHARD (Clynmawr) LEFT WING 1989-95   THOMAS, RICHARD FLANKER 1979-87   THOMAS, ROBERT SECOND ROW 1990-99   THOMAS, ROBERT (Sonny) FULL BACK/OUTSIDE HALF 1976-78   THOMAS, ROGER FLANKER/No 8 1985-87   THOMAS, ROGER FLANKER 1996-2002   THOMAS, RONNIE LEFT WING 1953-56   THOMAS, S.  N/K 1906/07 Also played for the Thursdays XV THOMAS, SAM HALF BACK 1892-1908   THOMAS, SIMON LEFT WING 1996/97   THOMAS, STEFFAN SCRUM HALF 1991-97   THOMAS, STEPHEN (Trevor) FULL BACK 1989/90   THOMAS, STEVE CENTRE 1983/84   THOMAS, TOM FORWARDS 1910-24 Also played for the Albion XV THOMAS, T. N/K 1889-1901   THOMAS, VINCE PROP FORWARD 1997-99   THOMAS, V. K. N/K 1922/23   THOMAS, W. N/K 1877/78   THOMAS, WILLIE FULL BACK 1892-08   THOMPSON, A. FORWARD 1914/15   TIMANI, SIONE SECOND ROW 2009-11   TIMOTHY, DAVID FLANKER 1963-70   TIPPET, EMRYS SCRUM HALF/CENTRE 1972/73   TOMLINSON, F. FULL BACK 1945-50   TREHARNE, C. RIGHT WING 1936/37   TREHARNE, GOMER THREE QUARTER 1905/06 Also played for the Thursdays XV TREHARNE, J. THREE QUARTER 1904/05 Captained the Thursdays XV 1904/05 TREHARNE, T.  N/K 1902-05 Also played for the Thursdays XV TREHARNE, W. THREE QUARTER 1892-1910 Also played for the Thursdays XV TREMLETT, JACK LEFT WING 1999/2000   TRUMPER, H. A. FORWARDS 1936/37   TRUMPER, JOHN HOOKER 1952/53   TUCKER, W. GLAN CENTRE 1947-57   TUCKER, WILLIAM N/K 1934-39 Also played for the Thursdays XV TURNBULL, JOSH No 8/FLANKER 2006/07   TYLER, DAVID SECOND ROW 1981-84