A Step Back in Time Report 1891/92 v Llandeilo Home



(By Percy Jones)

 SEASON 1891/92

(By kind permission of the Carmarthen Journal)


Carmarthen Journal, 5th February 1892


FOOTBALL.—Carmarthen Wanderers v. Llandilo:

This return match, which was played on Saturday last, on the ground of the former, excited a vast amount of interest, and there was a good gate. Both teams were well represented. The visitors won the toss, and elected to play up the gradient, having the wind in their favour. Tom Thomas commenced operations, a good return being made. Some stubborn scrums ensued, both packs putting in all that knett.

J. Lewis picked up from a scrum, and passed to Harry Lewis, the latter making a smart run and kicking into touch in the visitors’ 25. From a loose rush by the visitors, Louis Rees picked up and ran to within a few yards of the visitors’ goal line, and passed to D. J. Lewis, who failed to take, and thus lost a certain try. From the scrum, David Thomas picked up, and transferred to J. Lewis, who was collared before he could transfer again. David Thomas, who was in splendid form, commenced some passing, but the visitors’ close tackling prevented any scoring.

 D. J. Davies was prominent for some good dribbling, and the ball got into Roberts’ hands, but the Llandilo man was well floored by Tom Thomas. From a line-out at half-way, David Thomas and Tom Thomas took the ball in splendid style to the visitors’ 25, but one of the three-quarters returned well. However, the Wanderers were not to be overthrown, and a splendid rush of the forwards resulted in a minor.

 Half time was called, and after lemons, the visitors kicked off. Harry Lewis finely returned, and from the scrum J. Lewis passed to Willie Griffiths, but he failed to get away. Here, the homesters were granted a “free,” and Harry Lewis very nearly kicked a goal, the ball going just outside the post, and the visitors touched down. On resuming some good play was witnessed, Harry Lewis and Fred Morgan making determined attempts at scoring, but Roberts tackled most effectively.

 From a scrum in the visitors’ half, David Thomas picked up, and put in a good kick, which resulted in the visitors’ goal line being closely besieged, and the visitors’ “half” failing to pick up, J. Lewis dribbled up, but Roberts kicked into touch. Soon after the whistle sounded, the score reading “Wanderers,’ 2 minors; Llandilo, nil. For the visitors, E. A. Roberts played grandly, and were it not for his defence, the homesters would have scored on more than one occasion. The home forwards are a very hard-working lot, the captain (Tom Thomas) setting them a good example, but one or two of the forwards are too fond of getting out of scrums. The backs are all good tacklers, and make good use of their feet. – Before the game commenced, the home team were photographed by Mr E. A. Wilkes, Spilman-street, Carmarthen.