A Step Back in Time Report – Rugby Teams of Carmarthen


(By Percy Jones)

1875 – 1925  



Newspaper reports in both the Welshman and the Carmarthen Journal from 1875 to the late 1920’s mention numerous teams within the Carmarthen area, some of whom may only have played a handful of games. They were:- Carmarthen Wanderers Football Club (their first recorded game was against Llanelli in December 1875); who later became known as Carmarthen Harlequins (1911/12 season). The Harlequins also had a Thursday’s XV for several seasons and had a full fixture card as most rugby clubs also had a Thursday’s team. This allowed those who worked every Saturday to be able to play competitive rugby on the Thursday which became their day off from work. Carmarthen Harlequins became Carmarthen RFC in 1948 but are still affectionately known by everyone as the “Quins.”


The other teams were – Carmarthen Grammar School; Trinity College; Carmarthen Rangers; Spilman Street Boys; Black Diamonds, Towy Rangers; St Peter’s Institute (later known as the Rovers); Harlequins (no link to the present team); Excelsior’s; Nomads; St Peter’s Swifts; Alexandra’s; Old Warriors; Shop Assistants; Great Western Railway; Priory Street Dazzlers (later known as St Peter’s United); Hospital Rangers; Spilman Street Boys; Parc Velvet School; Old Wanderers; Abergwili’s Merlin Harriers; Anchor Rovers; The ‘Fossils;’  Johnstown All Blacks  and Carmarthen Albions.