A Step Back in Time Report – Brothers; Father’s and Sons


You may be interested in the “family connections” list below which has been compiled by Alan Bowen which shows how many brothers or father and sons played over the years for Carmarthen Quins. Please let me know if we have missed any out:-


Brothers                                                                                         Father and Son

Beynon; Simon-Phil-Steve- Kevin                           Beynon Gwilym-Simon-Phil-Steve   Kevin

Bowen;  Alan –John                                                   Bowen   Alan- Roy-Tony

Davies; (Ty Canol) Delme Colin-Daff- Len             Bowen  John – Chris

Davies;  Meredith- Euros                                           Bowen Kevin; -Rhys

Davies;  Lyn-Phil-Huw                                               Davies Lyn – Arwel

Dragone; Anthony- Louie                                          Evans Eirwyn – Gary

Dyer; Dai- Ivor                                                              Evans John – Mark-Graham- Kevin

Elsom;  Peter- Kevin                                                  Evans Dai (Glogue) Keith – Kevin

Edwards; Tim- Jonathon                                         Jenkins Peter – Viv

Furlong; Huw- Brian                                                 Jones  Milwyn-  JJ

Evans; John – Clive                                                  Morgan Robert – Carl

                                                                                       Sandbrook William – David

Evans; Mark-Graham-Kevin                                    Taylor Gideon – Robert

Evans; Keith –Kevin                                                  Thomas Dai – Chri – Phillip

Jacob; David- Mike- Gethin                                     Thomas Gwyn – Anthony

Jones; Billy –Richard                                                Thomas John(Bomb) Barrie

Jones; Mark- Ian                                                         Woodhead David – Steffan

Jones;  Phil; Steve (Twins)

Langdon; Mike- Nigel

Lewis; Derek- Tudor

Marks; Windsor- Ryland

Phillips; Kevin – Mike

Thomas; Ewan- Neville

Thomas; Chris – Phillip

Thomas Dai- Mike

Thomas; Richard – Robert- Roger

Thomas; Alwyn- Steffan

Ward ;  Peter-James




Percy Jones

Club Archivist