A Step Back in Time Report – Carmarthen Wanderers/Harlequins/Carmarthen RFC Team Colours





(By Percy Jones)

The Quins over the years have played in several different colours. The first reference to their playing colours was is a local newspaper item in 1886 by “Rambler” which stated – “The Carmarthen Football Club have recently purchased new uniforms which look very nice indeed, viz., Cap – Chocolate and light blue velvet and white tassel; Jersey – Chocolate and light blue sash from right to left; Breeches – White flannel.” (My thanks to Mr Sheldon Phillips for passing this information on to me).  We believe they retained these colours until 1889. From 1890 to 1894, they played in a dark blue jersey with a white midriff band. They changed to dark green with white cuffs and collars in 1897 and kept these colours until 1903. They changed to an all-white jersey in 1904 which they retained up until the outbreak of World War 1 in 1914.

From 1919 to 1921 they played in an all-green shirt. From the 1921/22 season they played for the first time in what is their current strip of Cardinal, Amber and Black. However, they returned to white jerseys for the two seasons between 1929 and 1931. (These are the colours worn in the team photographs on display at the club. My best guess is that due to financial reasons, they could not afford to buy jerseys in the club’s true colours). From the 1931/32 season to the present, Carmarthen “Quins” have continued to wear Cardinal, Amber and Black.