A Step Back in Time Report 1892/93 v Llandyssul


(By Percy Jones)  

SEASON 1892/93

Llandyssul v Carmarthen Wanderers

(The Welshman 18th November 1892)

(By kind permission of the Carmarthen Journal) 

This match came off on the Wilke’s Head Hotel field and was witnessed by a large crowd. The teams were as follows:- Llandyssul – Full Back: T. Thomas. Three quarter backs: A. T. Harries; T. L. Jones; W. F. Jones & Jenkins. Half Backs: E Weale and E. Jones. Forwards: D. J. Evans; T. James; J. E. Lloyd; Joe Jones; Evan F. Jones; B. Jones; Tom Jones and James Thomas. Carmarthen Wanderers: Full Back: Tom Griffiths. Three quarter backs: F. Morgan; H. Jordan, Dawes; D. Thomas. Half Backs: J. Lewis and Thomas. Forwards: W. Bowen; J. Rees; J. Wardle; D. Hughes, W. Morris; E. Davies; H. Rees and J. Thomas. Umpires: T. Thomas and T. A. W. Rees. Referee: D. Bowen Jones


Tom James kicked off for Llandyssul from the Wilke’s Head end. Play became very even for some time, when a minor was registered by Llandyssul. The play of Evan Jones for Llandyssul was very dashing but provided he unites the science of E. F. Jones with his indomitable pluck, he will become a terrible little rival. However, no further point was scored for some time.

The admirable feeding of Weale became at once manifest, while the Wanderers’ had their eyes on the brothers Willie and Latimer Jones. Shortly before half-time, Willie secured the ball, passed it to his brother, who, after a series of dodges, passed behind the posts and secured a try, which Evan Jones converted.

During the second half, Llandyssul secured another minor and a goal thanks to the fleetness of A. T. Harries who forced his way to the posts in a glorious manner. After this, the Wanderers played up and gradually worked their way to their opponent’s posts but the time whistle put an end to the struggle.

On the Llandyssul side, the brothers Willie and Latimer Jones promised to be another pair of “Brothers James” and Lloyd, Joe Jones and Evan Jones did good work. Their forwards were heavier men and fairly beat their opponents in the scrummage. Of the Wanderers, Dawes (Captain) at three quarter, Thomas at half, Tom Griffiths as full back and Wardle forward distinguished themselves.

Full score:-

Llandyssul…………. 2 goals and 2 minors

Carmarthen……….. Nil