A Step Back in Time Report 1892/93 v Lampeter College


(By Percy Jones) 

Lampeter College ‘A’ Team v Carmarthen Wanderers

(The Welshman 18th November 1892)

(By kind permission of the Carmarthen Journal) 

The wanderers visited this place on Thursday 17th inst. to play the return match with the College. The game commenced at 2.30 and as the weather was unusually fine, a large number of spectators were present. After kick off was returned the play commenced at midway when the visitors came off with a fine dribble. The visitors by their smartness in tackling and fleetness, put the home team to their metal and it took all in their power to stop them from scoring. However, they relieved but the visitors were bent upon striking the first blow, therefore they had to play on the defensive.

From a scrum in the home 25, the centre man of the visitors received the ball and could not resist the temptation of attempting to drop a goal as he was right in front of it and it appeared an easy shot. Indeed, he made a splendid attempt which attracted the attention of the spectators who cheered enthusiastically, but the luck of scoring for his side was not destined to be his, as the oval ball struck the cross bar. His comrade, following up, received the oval in his arms and before the home team knew where they stood, he had crossed the line. The try was nicely converted.


Upon resuming play the Wanderers wandered and played a loose game. A pretty bit of passing was witnessed amongst the home backs which enabled Thomas the wing man to cross. He fell into the grip of several of his opponents who prevented him placing it on the ground. A scrummage was formed five yards out but it only resulted in a minor for the home team. On again commencing play, the visitors were obliged to defend. However, occasions the forwards came off but they were at fault by the tremendous kicks they put in whilst dribbling. This gave the home backs ample time to return well into touch.


Whilst play was going on in the visitor’s 25, Jenkins obtained the oval, he transferred it to Thomas who after a corkscrew run, managed to place it within the line. The try was converted. Nothing special followed beyond a few minors conceded to the home team before half-time was called. After the usual period of rest, play was re-started. The home team at once attacked the visitors’ citadel. Jenkins distinguished himself for the undergraduates and after a fine bit of passing, scored behind the posts.

Ellis, the full back, who made his mark against this team at Carmarthen some time ago exposed some beautiful kicks on Thursday. The try was neatly converted. The home team scored two other goals and a try before time was called.

Final result:-

Lampeter College………….. 4 goals, 1 try, 5 minors

Carmarthen Wanderers……. 1 goal