Carmarthen Quins v Llanelli 1st XV



The Harlequins concluded their season last Saturday by entertaining the Scarlets at the Carmarthen Park. Both teams fielded their best and splendid football conditions prevailed, Old Sol’s actinic rays being the worst complaint.

Immediately after the kick-off, the Scarlets broke away to the Quins’ 25, and after a clean bout of passing. H. Thomas went over in the corner. A serviceable touch-finder by Lee compelled the Llanellyites to retrace their steps, and from the line-out the ‘Quins’ forwards carried everything before them and forced a minor. The homesters were evidently bent on wiping off the adverse balance and their opponents’ defensive tactics underwent a severe test. Burchell, the visitors’ custodian, waded the struggle into neutral territory but it was only a spasmodic turn as in truly inspiring style the home forwards once more regained their former position. Eventually after following up a high kick the Scarlets tore down the field and essayed passing, but Brunker intercepted and after outwitting the whole of the defence, and with the line at his mercy, he, greatly to the chagrin of his already vigorously applauding supporters, stumbled and fell. The ‘Quins’ quartette in ensuing play brought off bout after bout of the most approved passing, but nothing tangible resulted, and half-time arrived with the visitors leading by three points. On resuming, neither side for a while made any effective headway. Evan Thomas tackled Watts nicely, and from scrums on the visitors’ 25 Charlie Davies cleverly dribbled over the line but a visitor again narrowly managed to avert danger by conceding a minor. Later D. Watson brought off some brilliant tackling in midfield, and Sam Jones, gaining possession, dashed along and transferred to P.C. W. J. Thomas, who went over with a try. Burchell converted.

(Final time was blown with Llanelly 1 goal. 1 try: Carmarthen ‘Quins, nil.


Though Llanelly won by eight points they undoubtedly had the worst of matters territorially. For the major part of the first half they were kept penned within their own twenty five, and only by the hardest of luck did the ‘Quins fail to register a few tries. They fully deserved two tries at the least. The second half matters were more evenly contested, play being keen and interesting. The Llanelly skipper was well marked, and laid low before he had a chance of getting to his stride The scorers were two St. Peter’s Boys who have but recently left the old town. Bravo, lads Interviewed after the match, the referee Mr. Dewitt of Swansea) stated that the best football on the day’s form was on the home side. They were a very smart young lot and fully deserved a draw. It was his first experience to referee at Carmarthen but he hoped that it would not be the last.

Allusion must be made to the home forwards, whose display was the outstanding feature of the game. Such a pack, if available, next season should not tremble in opposing any team. The home backs, one and all, were in first-class form and rendered a good account of themselves.