A Step Back in Time Report – Quins v Felinfoel Dec 1952

(By Percy Jones)

 Sporting Diary by “Cardinal.”

(By kind permission of the Carmarthen Journal)


 Saturday 27th December 1952

Carmarthen Nil:       Felinfoel 3 pts.     

 A fair-sized holiday crowd at Carmarthen Park had little to enthuse over on Saturday. A late start and a dull game with far too many stoppages for minor injuries did not add to the enjoyment of the match from a spectacular point of view. The players were not entirely to blame for a mediocre display for the going was heavy and two bad patches in the playing field – that in front of the stand was a veritable quagmire – meant that set scrums had to take place away from the sea of mud.

Felinfoel just about deserved their win though their score was a fortuitous one. The Rev. E. B. Hughes, the Carmarthen full-back, fielded a punt when hard pressed and instead of making a mark, he put in a relieving punt. The kick was charged down and Cyril Phillips, a Felinfoel wing-forward got an easy try. Ossie Williams, the ex-scarlet and Welsh international forward failed to convert from a difficult angle.

The score came early in the second half. Carmarthen had much the better of the early stages and the pack shone in loose rushes, but it was the visitors who dictated matters after the change of ends. Superior weight in front enabled them to maintain unceasing pressure but there was little back play. In Fact, both teams kept the ball too close and the ball was kicked to touch with monotonous regularity. Carmarthen rallied towards the end and brought off one of the rare passing bouts seen during the afternoon. The Felinfoel defence, however, remained firm and the home side were forced to admit defeat. The only effort of note on the part of the home side was a good but unsuccessful attempt by J. L. J. Jones (centre-threequarter) to land a penalty goal. With a heavy ball the distance proved too great although direction was perfect.