Quins wins 'All Wales Sport' Award

By Colin Clarke | 21/05/2013

The following is an extract from the All Wales website and relates to the 2012/13 Season and the All Wales Sport Community Awards:-

 This year, All Wales Sport reporters have travelled all over Wales covering the best grassroots sport has to offer. It is only fitting, therefore, that my next award observes the Best Welcome or Experience at a Ground, be it football or rugby. I am not sure whether it is mainly down to the fact that I am a female and we are generally outnumbered in the sports reporting world, but when showing up to places and having people who I have never met say “You must be Laura from All Wales Sport”, I am uncertain as to whether I should be delighted or concerned that I have developed such notoriety around the sports clubs of Wales...


But I digress. The grounds up for consideration are: Llanelli RFC (I would like to thank the gentleman that brought me a lovely cup of coffee on what was a freezing cold afternoon at their British and Irish Cup encounter with Moseley); Carmarthen Park (where everyone was extremely helpful, from the stewards to the media officer); and Sardis Road (my colleague Leigh Sanders loves going to Ponty and would like to give a special mention to Ioan Dyer for keeping the snacks and entertainment flowing, as well as stats guru Guto Davies, who is always a fountain of useful knowledge).
Winner: Carmarthen Quins RFC. Every time I have visited Carmarthen Park, the staff and people have always been brilliantly helpful and it just seems like an all-round lovely, friendly club.




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